That Shifty Feeling

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Ramblings of an Idle Busy Mind

Oscar Wilde once said discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation.
Discontent is that feeling you get and then you think to yourself “There has to be more for me in this life”. It’s that cliff-hanger at the end of all the little scenes out of our daily lives. What breeds this feeling, one may ask. Is it ungratefulness and the inability to count and recognise one’s existing blessings? I am no award-winning writer or pop-psychology guru, so I will only speculate and speak for myself. Discontent is bred by ambition and the desire to realise one’s true greatness and potential.

It is a scientific fact that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It is always stored and then converted from one form to another. It’s a beautiful co-incidence that stored energy is scientifically referred to as potential energy. I believe that greatness is the same as this potential energy. It cannot be destroyed or created if it was never there. But when it is stored and utilised, it becomes like that restless energy waiting to be released or used or transferred to another form. This form can be a great idea, a challenge or a task which others have dismissed as ‘impossible’.
This restless energy or discontent is only felt by the person in whom the greatness is stored.
It may not be latent for everyone to see, but it exists nonetheless. People often make the mistake that the great ones are the ones who woo the world with eloquent words or an extroverted personality. Greatness can reside in silence. Strength can be present in gentleness. But in whatever form it may reside or be stored, it will inevitably be released.
In the Bible, the prophet Elijah had to wait in a cave for God to pass through. God told him to wait for a sign to confirm that it really was Him who has passed through. A huge wind, a fire and an earthquake followed, but God was not in any of these loud “ra ra!” dramatic occurrences. A while thereafter, the gentlest breeze came through the cave and God was in it. God was that still, small voice that whispered instead of shouting for attention. A voice that was still and steady, gentle and discerning but still great.

So when you get the feeling that there has to be something more for you in life, when that aching feeling of discontent knaws at you as you live your daily life, it probably means that there IS more for you. More to achieve. More to give. More restless energy that is waiting to be unleashed. Unleash it. Harness it. Convert it into something tangible that will make a difference to the way others think, the way they do things and maybe how they view the world around them.


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